verse-moi, verse-moi l'ivresse

a. ツ
the writer

I'm a twenty year old english student who consists of 3 parts crazy and 1 part insanity.
This journal is my creative outlet, filled with ramblings and stranded thoughts.
Critics need not apply. Muses; inquire within.

...on inspiration

What is the imagination; a young child frolicking in the grass, a calming rainbow at the end of a storm? No. Instead, I see the imagination as a snake, a serpent so cunning and witty that it is often very hard to ignore. It hisses and snaps in the back of your mind, calling for attention. It slinks into all other thoughts, poisoning them with dreams of no consequence.

How do we stop this pest... or at least tame it? The answer is writing. It is a constant outlet for this creature in our minds. It releases its venom into our words and seeps out of our pens. When you have a full grasp on your imagination, your writing becomes art. The same cunning serpent that bares its teeth at mundane musing can create stories with endless depth and beautifully memorable characters. You must learn to fight alongside it, rather than against it.

Of course, you can ignore it. But, if you ignore it for long enough it will slide away, seeing the threat of never being released. It is an impatient creature, never holding on to one fantasy for too long. If you do not grasp the brilliance while it’s there, it could be lost forever. Those who insist that they have no imagination are the ones repressing it, shoving and cramping it into the darkest corner of their mind. Everyone has an imagination, no matter how much they believe they don’t.
- A, 2007

If you think that passage makes me sound pretentious, deal wit it :)

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